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Will I get fined for using my log burner?

You may have read various articles in the media that you could be fined £300 and get a criminal record if you use a log burner in a smoke-control area.

But, don’t worry because you will have nothing to worry about if you only burn WoodSure-approved logs and authorised smokeless fuels, which is what we sell, and that your log burner is regularly maintained.

Further, from research conducted by the University of Nottingham (reported recently in The Daily Telegraph) in the last six years local councils across the UK have only issued two fines for using unauthorised fuels, which puts the latest media reports into perspective.

Here at Peak Logs, we endorse any plans to keep our air clean, but logs are an entirely renewable source of clean, low CO2 energy and we plan to continue producing and selling our range of high quality products for many years to come.

So, when you next place your order for logs or smokeless fuels, you can relax in the knowledge that your log burner is totally legal.

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