Quality Logs Since 2008

Peak Logs premium kiln-dried logsSince 2008 we have been supplying high quality firewood for log burners, stoves, biomass boilers, open fires, chimineas, pizza ovens and log-fired hot tubs.

Most of our customers are based across the Derbyshire Dales, the Peak District and surrounding counties, but we have sent our logs as far afield as Devon and Scotland.

In 2017 we started drying our own logs using a new, state-of-the-art kiln drying system, powered by two biomass boilers, which burn all our waste wood from the production of logs and kindling.

Locally Sourced

We source all our timber from local FSC woodlands.

We also try to harvest as much firewood as we can ourselves from thinning projects, managing local woodlands and keeping them healthy by removing the weaker trees and letting the stronger trees develop.

Peak Logs has endeavoured to bring a more professional approach to what is a very traditional cottage industry, by making it easier for customers to buy consistently high quality logs, reinforced by maintaining the HETAS quality assurance certification.

Why Kiln-dried Logs?

Kiln drying logs ensures that we consistently produce logs that are below 20% moisture content, ensuring you get the optimum burn; this also means that our logs meet the criteria set down by Woodsure, the government-backed agency that aims to minimise the amount of smoke in the atmosphere generated by log burners.

Burning dry logs is also very important for optimising the performance of wood-burning stoves and helps maintain the condition of the chimney or flue. Using wet wood can cause expensive damage to properties and log burners, caused by the release of excess moisture from the burning of unseasoned logs. Not only can wet logs damage log burners, you also need 3-4 times as many to get the same heat compared to using kiln-dried dry logs.

WoodSure Accredited

In 2018 we achieved the WoodSure accreditation for our firewood, which passed all the strict tests and demonstrating that our logs have no more than 20% moisture.

During the same year, our logs passed tests of the ready-to-burn scheme, which is why we proudly include the “READY TO BURN” logo on our website.